Freelance Management System

The cloud solution to manage your company's freelance talent pool.


Centralise all your freelancers in one single place

Build your own pool of professionals, manage and assign them to projects effortlessly and efficiently. 

Expand your reach

Find the profile that you are looking for in a specialised network of more than 35,000 certified experts.

Discover the tools that will help you manage your external talent pool

Freelance Management System

1. Find experts in the Outvise network

Centralised pool of freelancers

2. Centralise your pool of freelancers

Tag and create “list” of freelancers

3. Tag them and create lists

Monitor Availability of freelancers

4. Monitor availability

Freelance Management System

5. Up-to-date profiles and CV

Gig Economy

6. End-to-end hiring management

Freelance Management Platform

Manage your own pool of freelancers in the cloud

No more spreadsheets. Create your own database of industry experts in the cloud. Use a single and searchable database for all your external freelance talent.

Your can invite your existing external freelance experts to join your private company pool. They will be able to upload their CV and create their own profile.

Best Freelance Management Platform

Staff your projects and RFPs with the right industry experts.

Search in our network by keyword, language, region or skill. Once you find suitable candidates, you can save them, classify them by tags and group them in lists. 

Easily monitor their availability and invite them to participate in your project. Outvise manages all the paperwork for you.



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Top Freelance Management Systems

Monitor Availability

No more calls, no more messages and emails to tons of freelancers.

Easily check who is available directly from your lists and invite them to participate in your project with just one click.



End-to-end hiring management

Once you find the right expert for your project, you can easily hire them through the platform.

We generate compliant contracts and certify them with electronic signatures.

Invoices and timesheets from your active freelancers are automatically collected and processed centralising all your different payments in one single provider.

Top Freelance Management Platforms

01. On/Offboarding automation

  • Conditions setting
  • FL initial compliance checks
  • Approval process/PO Contract electronic signature

02. Payment automation

  • Automated timesheet control /approval process
  • Expenses management
  • Simplification of payment through 1 provider + conciliation + accounting

03. Compliance automation

  • Automated compliance alerts per FL
  • Automation of tax and administrative documentation

04. Reporting & Control

  • Dashboards
  • Forecast and business alerts
Top Freelance management tools

Up-to-date profiles and CVs

Don't waste time constantly updating information about your freelancers. Invite them to the tools and let them update their profile by themselves.

We review CVs and translate the candidates' information into families of skills. Up to 700 different skills define candidates' profiles and they can check and edit what the CV engine has understood. Moreover, freelancers get reminders to check and verify automatic CV updates.

We delivered independent consultants in most of the top tech trends.

1850 Artificial Intelligence

1245 Agile Coaching

3450 Digital Transformation

1350 Cybersecurity

1120 Internet of things

3450 Digital Transformation

1560 M&A

1795 Big Data

1550 Blockchain

Best Freelance management tools
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