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Supporting fibre network operators through their business cycle

Download the Ebook "Supporting fibre network operations through their business cycle"

The digital economy creates a vast amount of data. Currently, estimates suggest that we generate at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. The reality is, telco players need to spearhead a large-scale transition to fibre optics to meet demand.
However, there is a key obstacle: talent. As an example, a good fibre network designer is becoming somewhat of a unicorn on the employment market.
Companies are scrambling for these competencies, and yet, they’re becoming more and more difficult to find. That said, the solution is out there – in the freelance market
Download the Ebook and discover new opportunities in the fibre market and how to source the talent telco needs to leverage this key opportunity: 
  • Fibre as a clear driver of regional competitiveness
  • A clear opportunity for new and non-in-cumbent players
  • Attracting top talent to stay agile
  • Support at every stage of a fibre project