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The essential features of a well-executed customer service AI project

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Download the Ebook and discover implementation options for customer service AI

It’s estimated that artificial intelligence will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

There are many cost-effective solutions and experts that make this technology accessible, enabling SMEs to reap the benefits of AI-powered customer service. To address this issue, during 2020 Outvise organised an initial series of six webinars on AI and customer service across sectors.

In this guide, we summarise the key insights from the series, providing an overview of the business case and implementation options for customer service AI.

Download the Ebook and discover how to use AI as a business accelerator:

  • AI as a business accelerator
  • AI use cases and technologies in customer services
  • Conversational AI as the new frontier of automated customer services
  • How to implement AI and not mess up